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EMR Energy

Re-implementing this Joomla website involved rewriting and debugging several complicated custom extensions and overhauling the template system (new template, same design).

With Savvy Panda

DocuWare Blog

In order to accomplish this modern blog design on the HubSpot COS, I programmed several simple javascript applications that work seamlessly with the COS.

With Square 2 Marketing

Lillian Homes

Implemented a real estate listing system on the HubSpot COS by building a javascript application on top of the blogging tool to use it as a CCK. Includes multiple ways to categorize, search, filter, and display listings. Utilizes custom fields for sorting, filtering and displaying listings and floor plans, as well as displaying communities.

With Savvy Panda subcontracting for TMR direct


This was a site that we defined, designed, and implemented pro-bono for the folks at Midwest Dachshund Rescue. The site is built on Joomla, and integrates design and technology in an easy-to-manage and visually pleasing system which MWDR can manage on their own.

With Savvy Panda

Houston Independent School District Professional Support and Development

Pioneering new methods of synchronized full-team development together with the rest of the Savvy Panda team, we worked together seamlessly to craft this beautiful design, saying true to the details of the design while expanding on it for a full responsive solution.

With Savvy Panda

Vomfass USA (note: website design and technology has changed since I worked on the site)

Maintained and extended a multi-site, multi-store e-commerce implementation in Joomla. This involved custom templating, optimizing the checkout process, developing custom extensions for the e-commerce system, and numerous additional optimization tasks. Also involved managing numerous domains and mapping them to separate content (including different checkout processes) through the same Joomla implementation.

With Savvy Panda

Encompass World Partners

For this exciting project, I not only had the pleasure of implementing a beautiful responsive design that harnesses the full power and flexibility of Joomla, but I also had the opportunity to develop a flexible, configurable, and extensible gift cart solution to power the donation system.

With Savvy Panda

HubSpot Designers Portal

Being asked to define, design, and implement a website for designers on a popular content and marketing system is an honor that I, together with the rest of the Savvy Panda team, felt privileged to receive. Our efforts paid off when the new site went live to loud approval, and has since received hundreds of thousands of views.

With Savvy Panda

Priests of the Sacred Heart

During the full-team sprint development of this site, we implemented a fully-responsive and feature-rich design in Joomla controlled by a customized backend CCK for easy management. As part of the redesign, we integrated the website with a Blackbaud fundraising tool and re-implemented the responsive design in Blackbaud.

With Savvy Panda

Horizon International

One of my favorite sites - not just because of the design but because of the impact - I am proud of the development I did to create the sponsorship and donation systems. Not visible on the front-end are the fully functional functional administrative and reporting interfaces or the integration with third party systems. Since creating the website, I have also been reponsible for its maintenance.

With Mango Tree Media and Hansen Multimedia

ITT Tech Book Shipment Management Intranet

I defined and developed a custom application for managing student book shipments, including advanced logic for managing courses, semesters, inventory, and shipments. Also includes logic to bundle shipments together, track them, and initiate returns if necessary. To aid in management, system includes multiple user roles with custom permissions, an approval system, order overrides, and more.

With Mango Tree Media and Market Pro

Padgett Business Services (Note: as of Jan 21, 2015, the new site has not been publicly released yet)

To showcase their new remarkable content and inbound marketing strategy, we developed a new, modern website on the HubSpot COS. The site includes conversion-optimized content to help Padgett accomplish their goals while assisting their site visitors to do the same.

With Square 2 Marketing

Urban Ecology Center (ServiceU)

I originally wrote a bridge between a remote event management system and the public-facing Joomla website. Later I was involved in a second project to re-implement the old Joomla site in a newer version while transforming the styles to a modern look with full responsive functionality. The updated site uses modern CSS techniques to reduce the impact of images on page-load time.

With Mango Tree Media and Savvy Panda

Child Care Resource Center (of California)

Tasked with reorganizing and redesigning this public resource, I worked together with a team of experts to deliver a fully transformed and 100% responsive site that exceeded expectations.

With Mango Tree Media and Savvy Panda

Prince International Corporation

In an effort to increase consistency and decrease the cost of maintenance and development, I consolidated the corporate site and numerous sub-sites into a single multi-site solution on the Joomla CMS. While the sub-sites maintain their visually distinct styles from the corporate site, they are all managed from the same interface.

With Savvy Panda and Square 2 Marketing

Music for All

Aside from developing and maintaining this website, I worked together with another talented developer to migrate the site to a distributed server environment for a flexible multi-instance setup which was able to expand to accomodate very high demand with ease during the peak traffic of Grand National Championships. Setup involved domain control, load balancing, security policies, load testing, automated monitoring, and coffee, but did not involve falling back to our contingency plan!

with Mango Tree Media and Hansen Multimedia

C&D Production

I created a framework for monitoring and translating information gathered on the private website into dynamically-generated PDF documents as well as transforming the information for transfer to a third-party system.

With Savvy Panda

Legacy Window and Door

Performed maintenance work on existing pages and added new content to the site according to the instruction of the website owner.

Did not include any design work.

This was done as a freelance project.

Dave Holaday - Wealth Design Consultants

During the development of its parent site,, I was personally requested to create this separate WordPress blog for the owner - Dave Holaday.

With Hansen Multimedia

Kesslers Diamonds

To fulfill the client's needs, I rewrite significant portions of an existing eCommerce solution for Joomla to implement custom functionality (Jewelry Box, appointment scheduling, and more). This included overhauling the code for improved security and to support the requirements of a separate mobile interface.

With Mango Tree Media and Savvy Panda

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